Pick up a JGC .45 ACP Justice and you will immediately appreciate the weight of the titanium frame balanced with the 4140 billet steel slide individually machined to the highest tolerances in the industry. Its features include hand assembled craftsmanship, superior accuracy, and a lighter weight. Because it’s never made from cast or forged parts, completely American made, and individually customizable, owning anything less is an injustice!

Starting at $5,160

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I have shot many guns prior to my purchase of a JGC 1911 handgun, but there is no comparison at all to other manufacturers’ guns. With the Jacob Grey Custom gun, I am more accurate than with any gun I’ve ever shot in my life. It is very tight and looks great, and the customer service is definitely better than anything I’ve seen. I could not give a higher recommendation to this product. This is definitely the best there is out there."

    Aaron Twitty, Gun Owner